Saturday, February 18, 2017

Conversion Utility

English to Metric Converter

English to Metric Converter

Type a value in the Fahrenheit field to convert the value to Celcius

Copy string: °f (°c) 

Type a value in feet and inches to convert to Centimeters

Copy string: ' "(cm) 

Copy string: ' "(m) 

Type a value or speed in Miles (mi/mph) to convert to Kilometers (km/kph)

Copy string: mi ( km) 

Copy string: mph ( kph) 

Type a value in Pounds (lb) to convert to Kilograms (kg)

Copy string: lb ( kg) 


  1. This is such a great idea, Dan! I for one would definitely be interested in also having the conversions go the other way. Having the quick copy and paste answer is fantastic. I hate when I need to add the degree sign separately.

    BTW, not sure if it's just me (and maybe you've noticed already, or did, in fact, intend it this way), but there doesn't appear to be a comments section over on your WP page for this. Hence my comment here. FYI!

    1. I figured out how to add comments to the page. I've learned a lot today - Thanks

  2. Thanks Wendy. I'm glad you like this. Now that I am learning the ropes of Pages, I think I can add the metric to English version.

    I didn't know that Pages don't support comments, or I don't know how to turn them on (more likely).